Let's Design Your Logo Together

Intelligent and Original Logos - Done in Minutes

Let us help you design your new Logo

Powered by artificial intelligence, logobot designs your new logo just as you want it to be. best part: It just takes a few minutes

How does it work?

Machine Learning.
Based on your input our algorithm automatically generates logo drafts for you. Logobot uses Machine Learning, for example to combine letters and icons in unique ways.

what do i get?

Everything you need.
First of all: Your custom logo! To get you started right away, logobot will supply you with everything you need. Think file formats, colors, fonts etc. See our packages for more detail

what does it cost?

Fair and transparent.
Don't worry, it is completely free to test logobot and look at the results. You only pay, if you like a logo and want to use it. No risk for you at all.

Create your own logo

If you fall in love with a logo ...

... you have multiple options to choose from

(incl VAT)

€ 20

(incl VAT)

€ 8.99
  • Low resolution PNG file
  • Unlimited use to your liking (commercial & non-commercial)
  • One-time payment



(incl VAT)

€ 40

(incl VAT)

€ 16.99
  • High resolution PNG file
  • Scalable Vector SVG file
  • Design Guide (Font & Colours)
  • Unlimited use to your liking (commercial & non-commercial)
  • One-time payment
Create your own logo

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